Love, and to be Loved.



It becomes a torture which the state between-jobs’ lasting more than four months.

Retrospecting my travel itinerary last year from Thai to South Korea, nearly 50 days across eight countries and districts, I know, traveling is indispensable in my life notwithstanding being not the life itself.

Actually, I love challenges no matter in travel or in daily life, especially from emotions and work. The point is that future is worth expecting and exploring.

Watching kinds of TV series, reading books, reviewing English vocabularies, learning Python, celebrating Chinese Spring Festival… I might feel a hallucination of time’s fleeing.

So a new spring has come already.

I believe I am lost, in a deserted corner of the world.

Though it feels no worse, please cheer up! I urgently need a fresh air and a breakthrough.

Happy Lantern Festival and single’s Valentine’s Day!