Love, and to be Loved.


About Time

About Time is a movie telling a young man could travel in time back to anytime in his own life changing what happens and what has happened.

Well, if I am asked what could I change if I have such ability, what would I answer?

I have no idea.

Since the “disappearance” of the flight MH370, there would be more than 18 hours. Presume you would be a passenger on board, do you regret if it’s the end of your life? Or suppose you’re a relative/friend of someone on board, what do you think?

Useless anger in burst or refusal dinner with beloved?

So sorry that there would be no more chances for you. Actually, Lives are so fragile that “Death could not be anticipated.”

Just one moment, passing-aways are insulated from fresh lives. It’s so quick beyond your response.

We are not the hero in that movie who could travel in time, we could be too helpless to change even a flash of time.

Please, living in the present, there would be even no opportunity for regretting.

PS: Let’s pray, for the best of those lost brothers and sisters.