Love, and to be Loved.


I am a Nerd/Weirdo/Crackpot

: a person who behaves awkwardly around other people and usually has unstylish clothes, hair, etc.
: a person who is very interested in technical subjects, computers, etc.

: a strange or unusual person

: a person who is crazy or very strange

–From Merriam Webster Dictionary

I have got no idea about the noun which could exactly describe myself–in Chinese I mean myself a 奇葩(QiPa).

I am a QiPa cuz I am so languish not to lay down a backup flat sheet after the dirty one’s been washed. However, I volunteered to have shower everyday as soon as getting back to my apartment.

I am a QiPa cuz I need washing my hair every morning. However, I could tolerant some tiny dirty spots on my pants or shoes and my those so-casual shirts.

I am a QiPa cuz I am too alone to attend “unnecessary” social or other activities. However, I am kind of eager to be understood and admitted.

I am a QiPa cuz I am only interested in American Justice related TV series and enough aware of their fictionality. However, I am hooked in such ethereal Justice, human right and happy ends.

I am a QiPa cuz I read a lot including fictional, non-fictional, scientific, technical, even Philosophical and Chinese medical. However, I could not make myself a thing nor be unconventional.

I am a QiPa cuz I try to be abstemious about daily basic necessities. However, I am somewhat squandering money on travelling, books(now I have a kindle), civil aircraft models and have no schedule about buying a house(or somewhere to shelter) even at present.

I am a QiPa cuz I know it’s meaningless to be too reasonable with woman so well. However, I keep indulging myself into a dead-end state with the loved in so many specific aspects.

I am a QiPa cuz I give top priority nothing but love. However, I am so likely to be messed up in those trifles.

I am a QiPa cuz I thought I am firm and resolute sufficiently. However, I am thirsting for support and encouragement from the intimates.

I am a QiPa cuz I feel I understand, however, I don’t.

Maybe, I am who I am, who is actually, non-existent.