Love, and to be Loved.


Immanent Anxiety

“To be shown love is to feel ourselves the object of concern: our presence is noted, our name is registered, our views are listened to, our failings are treated with indulgence and our needs are ministered to. And under such care, we flourish.”
Alain de Botton, Status Anxiety

Years ago, suppressing waves of impulse to smash the laptop, I enjoyed a famous Japanese TV drama 東京ラブストーリー, from the begaining to the end. (Lucky it’s not a too long story.) Almost cursed 永尾 完治 thousands of times from the bottom of my heart and cared about 赤名 リカ so much. Actually, untill the present, I still feel a lump in the throat reminding of this drama.

Maybe, there would be much anxiety at some inmost corner, which is exactly the immanent and soft part, making such a characteristic, with ardent, fervent but kind of oppresive love.

It should be and seems to be a simple logical problem. If 赤名 リカ does’t pay inordinate attention on 永尾 完治 nor eager to get such equally passionate love/response back. There would be not so much burden accumulated on 永尾 完治, which could become the last straw. Regrettably, she couldn’t, rather than wouldn’t. Afterward, she suffocates, also.


I saw myself in 赤名 リカ.